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Anyone can straighten teeth…….

That’s right…..any dentist with a little bit of extra training can straighten teeth. Straightening teeth is not difficult. You can even buy mail-order tooth straightening kits off infomercials on TV for do-it-yourself straight teeth.

But the manner and method the teeth are straightened can have a huge effect on the shape and dimensions of your face and even more importantly…. your airway. Your airway is the passageway that air travels to reach your lungs. In other words, the orthodontic methods used to straighten your teeth can affect the way you look and the way you breathe.

We now know that traditional orthodontic methods of straightening teeth by moving the teeth toward the back of the mouth (retraction), decreases room for the tongue and impinges on the airway. A poor airway can lead to sleep apnea, sleep-disordered breathing and mouth breathing. Mouth breathing can have a disastrous effect on your health and on the shape of your face.  

In some cases, traditional orthodontic retraction methods also push the lower jaw too far back and can contribute to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (or TMJ). TMJ is a serious condition having to do with the relationship between the teeth, muscles and jaws joints. TMJ pain and dysfunction can range from mild discomfort to debilitating pain.  

When evaluating patients for braces, Dr. Christie takes into account more than just straight teeth. Will you have straight teeth after treatment? Yes, you will, but attention will also be paid to facial esthetics, upper to lower jaw relation and maximizing your airway.

The best way to detect and treat crooked teeth and a bad bite is to be evaluated at a young age. The earlier these problems are identified the easier they are corrected or alleviated. Waiting until the teenage years doesn’t solve the underlying cause of the problem. Dr. Christie recommends having children evaluated as early as age 5. 

If you want the absolute latest in orthodontic technology and treatment, call (765) 825-2941 to schedule a free consultation. If you would like more information on growth and development and the effects of different modes of breathing, check out our blog for more detail. 

Don’t just straighten your teeth….. Increase Your Face Value!


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