CBCT 3D Imaging

CBCT 3D Imaging

Traditional dental imaging systems have been around for several years now. Some of the common methods that dentists rely on are x-rays, oral scans, intraoral radiography, tomography, among others. However, with the advancement in technology, there arose a need for a better imaging system that got rid of the limitations of the traditional system.

We would like to present to you, Cone beam CT imaging system, the most advanced oral imaging system at the moment. It uses a cone-shaped beam of light, that is projected on the face of the patient from a revolving set up. The patient can either stay seated or in a standing position while the device revolves around their head. The data from the scan is sent to the computer device where it is analyzed and projected on to a screen. This provides an infinite number of views of every little feature of the patient’s oral set up without distortion. The best part is that they can be viewed in 3-D.

What are the applications of Cone beam CT scanning?

CBCT scanning can be used to produce high-resolution images for several dental procedures. Some of them are as follows:

  • Mapping out the exact positions of the teeth for placing dental implants and bridges.
  • Determining the placement of the nerves and blood vessels during a dental extraction.
  • Checking for the severity of chipping, cracks or fractures due to external trauma.
  • Screening for cavities, bone spurs, bone deterioration, etc.
  • Checking for jaw displacement, malocclusion, deteriorated root tips, impacted teeth, etc.

Why is Cone beam CT considered the best?

Some of the benefits of CBCT that put it ahead of its alternatives are:

  • Just a single scan using the imaging system provides an unlimited number of views. They can be modified as and when required.
  • The radiation produced by the device is minimal.
  • The time taken for scanning is very less.
  • The process of scanning is very comfortable as the device rotates around the patient’s head and he/she would just have to stay still.
  • The quality of the images produced is excellent. The superimposition or distortion is next to none.
  • The 3D software associated with the device provides a good idea to the patients as to how the process is performed and how they can benefit from it.

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